Locksmith History

Locks and Keys Over Time

How the Fascinating World of Our Security Tools have Transformed over Time – Locks and Keys The security and access of residential and commercial property have long been one of the most important aspects of human society, with the invention of keys and lock enabling them to control and manage access to their property and belongings. Locks and keys have

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Famous Attempts Breaking Safe

Most Famous Worldwide Attempts on Breaking into a Safe Safe to secure our valuables is a must now days. Robbery is one thing that every one of us dreads to become a victim of, and is one thing that has been a regular part of our society since ages. While most robberies you come to hear or read about in

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Five of the Strangest Existing Locks

Five of the Strangest Existing Locks - Did you know they existed? Given below are some of the weirdest locking systems that still exist in the world. All these devices are real that the people in earlier times have used for the protection of their homes and valuables. A few of these locks are really puzzling and look even weird.
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Smart locks vs. Old style

Smart Locks Vs. Old Style The locking systems have been securing homes for centuries. The old locks tend to be taken for granted and it feels like they have gradually gone away into the security background. But still, the locking systems hold great importance in our lives. A number of individuals don’t realize the importance of locks until they get
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Flower Mound Texas History and facts

Flower Mound Texas can be termed as an incorporated town that is located in the Denton and Tarrant counties of the United States in Texas. It is located at the northwest side of Dallas and the northeast of Fort Worth that remains adjacent to Grapevine Lake. This town gets its name from a prominent 12.5-acre mound that is found in
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McKinney Texas – Some Facts And History

The city of McKinney is based at the county seat of Collin County, Texas and is counted among the second in terms of population to Plano. As per the last census in 2010, the population of this city was recorded as 131,117, making the city to rank the 19th-most populous city in Texas. McKinney is one of the key places
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Southlake Texas – Some Facts And History

Southlake Texas- History and facts In Texas, Southlake is among the cities that are located at the predominate area of the Tarrant County had a number of minor areas that extend into the Denton County in the United States. It falls in the state of Texas that happens to be the suburb of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan area. No, if
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The City Of Coppell, Texas – History & Facts

Coppell Texas is based in the country of Dallas, happens to be located six miles at the Southern Eastern side of Flower Mound, Texas and 16 miles to the north of Arlington, Texas. The city is counted among the Dallas metropolitan area. As per the 2010 Census, around 38,659 was the population at Coppell. A small area is found at
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