Flower Mound Texas History and facts

Flower Mound Texas can be termed as an incorporated town that is located in the Denton and Tarrant counties of the United States in Texas.

It is located at the northwest side of Dallas and the northeast of Fort Worth that remains adjacent to Grapevine Lake.

This town gets its name from a prominent 12.5-acre mound that is found in the center of the town.

As per The 2010 United States Census, the population of this place was recorded as 64,699.

It was showcasing a 28 percent boost over the 50,702 that has to be counted in the 2000 Census.

The area of Flower Mound is among the largest towns in terms of the population found in Texas. 

It’s the only town having a population that comes along to be greater than 20,000.



As far as the settlement in Flower Mound Texas is concerned, it all started when Presbyterians were seen establishing a camp in the said area.

The group only held some religious camps there for 2-3 weeks at a time.

However, in 1854 the residents established their first Flower Mound Presbyterian Church southwest of Lewisville area.

That area is commonly called as “Long Prairie”.

By the year 1920, the church had roped in 126 members getting along the pine-framed building.

This building was expanded later in the year 1937.

Early settlers like Andrew Morris and David Kirkpatrick were seen memorializing with the street names found in the town.

The area was simply remained very much sparsely populated for a number of decades even after its initial settlement.



Owing to the proximity to DFW Airport, and other key highways to this place, many small and big businesses like locksmith service have embarked to this town.

The bigger players like Stryker Communications and Best Buy have been added to this list.

If you look at the Lewisville Independent School District, it happens to be the largest employer.

They have around 1,647 people working at a given time. 

That toll to around 4.8 percent of the total employment of this place.

Flower Mound in totality employs 455 people in between 2000 and 2009 when the city had seen job growth of 26.53 percent.

Besides, the town has two key areas that are responsible for the current economic development.

Those two areas are the Denton Creek District and the Lakeside Business District.

The 265-acre area of the Lakeside Business District in the land zoned for a number of commercial and residential uses.

It is found at the southern edge of the town close to Grapevine Lake make all the difference.

Though the project had seen filing for bankruptcy in the year 2010, in the year 2012, the group called the Realty Capital embarked.

They came up with a One billion dollar plan for the mixed-use development project in the area.


Know This…

The town council simply voted to approve this project at the end of 2012, and the development of this 150-acre project is scheduled in six different phases.

The construction is to be seen in the first phase that includes 45,000 square feet of the commercial space, 170 home loft and similar apartments lot that started in April 2013.

In the year 2006, the town had begun to use a number of mixed-use development plans for the area of 1,500-acre land called the Denton Creek District at the western edge of the town.

In the year 2010, the town commenced rendering the required infrastructural support in the area.

Also, the developers had seen breaking the ground on a 158-acre mixed-use river walk project in the year 2013.

The residents are then scheduled to vote on approving the public funding for the district for the general election of the year 2013.



Flower Mound, Texas has the home rule municipality that has to place in the year 1981.

It got operated under the council-manager kind of municipal government that came in effect in the year1989.

The residents are known to elect the 5 large members to the Flower Mound Town Council having one mayor.

All of those members used to serve about 2-year for the public.

In the year 1999, the town had adopted a Strategically Managed And Responsible Town.

It was called the Smart Growth Program for managing the development in the community.

In the year 2000, the town got officially adopted in the SMART Growth management plan.


Growth Management Plan? 

The objective of this program was to create some environmentally sensitive development along with mitigating the impact of urban sprawl.

Additionally, The political scientist in this place called Allan Saxe along with the attorney Terrence S. Welch.

Together they have employed the program as an example of a municipality for attempting the slow growth.

Basically, In the year 2013, the town had amended a little portion of the plan that entered into the public schools.

The changes had spurred the public debate between the candidates for town council.

As per the 2013-2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of the city, the various funds of this place had seen 114.6 million dollar revenue and $101.8 million in the expenditures.

Along with $513.3 million in the total assets, $155.9 million is seen in the total liabilities, along with $68.1 million in the cash and investments.

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