Southlake Texas – Some Facts And History

Southlake Texas- History and facts

In Texas, Southlake is among the cities that are located at the predominate area of the Tarrant County had a number of minor areas that extend into the Denton County in the United States. It falls in the state of Texas that happens to be the suburb of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan area. No, if you check the latest census report of 2010, the city has recorded the population of around 26,575 to be precise. This city of Southlake is also popular for having a number of public schools, Southlake Town Square, Gateway Church, Carroll High School and its wealth that has remained the 8-time state champion in Football and Men’s Swimming & Diving Competition. It’ time to dig in deep into the topic and the city as under:


If you talk about the settlement of the city called the Southlake area, it was basically settled by the pioneers in 1840, however, it was not seen getting incorporated like Southlake Texas until the year 1956, until the four years of time after finishing the Grapevine Lake. Before the process of incorporation, the settlements of the Whites Chapel, Union Church, Jellico, and Dove had been seen as the present day Southlake. The area has so far remained rural until the completion of the DFW International Airport had been seen in the year of 1970. And owing to the close proximity seen in the airport, the city of Southlake has become the boomburb in the entire eighties, nineties and the 2000s. As of the year 2012, the Southlake’s population is seen almost at the full capacity, with more than 27,000 residents found in the place. The expected build-out population is expected to around 34,000 residents.



If you look at the overview of this city, this very year in March of 2016, Southlake was privileged to be ranked at the no. 5th position in the list called ‘The $100K Club: America’s Highest-Earning Cities’. The high earners in this city of Southlake are mostly the residents of this place that constitute to a huge figure of 71.2 percent of the f households that are reported to make over $100,000 in a year. In the year 2014, as per one of the articles published in the Times magazine, the city of Southlake was judged as the top-rated wealthiest zip codes in the nation falling at the top ten lists. The city of Southlake Zip code- 76092 has been ranked at No. 9th position having 58.7 percent of households that make more than $150,000.

In the year 2009, the zip code of the city –Southlake – 76092, was ranked again among the richest zip code in the United States backed with a population falling in between 10,000 to 25,000 people. The average home found in the Southlake can cost you around $784,522 and is known to have four bedrooms, four bathrooms that is based at around 4,000 square feet. In the year 2008, the popular portal called the had named the city of Southlake Texas among the most affluent neighborhoods in the United States of America working out on average median household income estimates. The mean household income that got calculated for the city of Southlake tolled to around $216,393.


Let’s talk about the economy of the city, the company called Sabre Holdings that happens to be an S&P 500 company has it’s headquartered in the Southlake that is based in the Solana business park. The city also has the industrial businesses that include the gasoline storage and the distribution and concrete works found over the eastern side of the town off Highway 114 near DFW Airport.

If you check the city of Southlake Texas it is also popular for its Town Square project that happens to be the shopping center located over the State Highway 114 along with the Southlake Boulevard. In March 2005 a development plan got approved allowing the Town Square area going just the double. The new additions found in the city include the Town Square that got completed in the year 2006 that made the city among the most popular shopping centers in the Metroplex. Besides a number of small businesses including the locksmith services too have embarked in the market. And if you check the top employers of the city, these can be jotted down in accordance to the Southlake’s 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, and the top rated employers in the city include Sabre Holdings having the number of employees a 3,000, Carroll IDS having 1123 workers, Verizon Wireless has 367 people in it, Gateway Church having 570 people, Keller Williams had 487 people, Central Market having 360 and City of Southlake having 337 people in it. In other words, the city has a flourishing economy not just in Texas or Dallas but also within its city borders.

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