*Is it possible to add a new deadbolt on my house door?
Absolutely! Whether it’s your front door, back door, the door that leads to the garage or any other door – we’ll make it happen.

*Do you provide emergency locksmith service when needed?
Yes. We do provide emergency lockout service 24 hours. Call us now and we’ll be on our way.

*Can you service a mail-box lock if I have no keys?
Yes. We provide a mailbox lock service. In most cases, we install a new cylinder and provide you with two new identical keys.

*Just moved into a new home. Do I need to re-key my locks or should I entirely replace them?
If your locks seem to be warren out or if you just don’t like the way they are then you should have your locks completely changed. However, if all locks seem to operate OK, a re-key will do the job just fine.

*What form of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)

*How late are you Open?
Twenty four hours a day including weekends. Opening times may vary on special days and holidays.

*I locked my keys in my car. Will my Car Insurance cover the cost?
The majority of car insurance companies will cover some of the amounts, at least two times a year. However, that needs to be checked individually prior, and it depends on your insurance company and policy.

*I’m renting an apartment. Should I rekey my locks? is it safer?
Do you know who had an access to your rental or might still have? Even though most apartments management will hand you a new set of keys, what if their former employee still have some key copies? or what if your apartment was not rekeyed for whatever reason? It is absolutely safer to re-key yourself, and you can always hand a key copy to your leasing management for any emergency.

*Can my locks be picked?
Most of the locks can be picked or drilled out. There are some ways to make them harder to be picked. Make sure that: A. You have good operating locks checked and upgraded by a professional locksmith and B. When you’re not at home or during nighttime or on a vacation make sure all locks are always in locking position.

*Is there a difference between re-key and master Key?
Yes, there is a difference. For example: if you have an office with five different doors within and you’d like one key for each private office, in this case, we call it an individual “re-key” for each one. Some managers/owners, logically, would like to have an access to all doors without the need to carry five different keys at all times, so we prepare one key, which we call a “master key” that will work on all office doors.

*My key does not insert or withdraw easily or it has difficulty turning.
It could be that you are using a key copy that was made unprofessionally, or one that was cut by key copy machine. We can resolve this issue for you, quickly, anytime.

*My wife wants to save some money. Can I buy a lock at the store and do it myself?
You can buy it yourself but it is always recommended to hire a professional locksmith to install it for you. After all, it is your family security we are talking about and we know the best what type of locks will fit exactly to your family security needs.

*Should all my home locks operate under the same key?
Yes, it is recommended! Having one key for all locks is more convenient and also helps in reducing situations such as being “locked out”. Eventually, you get to carry fewer keys which is a good benefit by itself.

*The lock seems to not locking or unlock as usual. Any ideas?
If its unable to retrace normally then it might be a broken bolt or a latch issue.

*How often do I need to get my house locks changed?
Routinely, we recommend at least once a year. Of course, you can always do it whenever the time is right for you. For instance, if you lost your home keys or noticed they got stolen, or if you need to prevent an access from someone.

*Can I buy my own lock pick Tool?
You need to be licensed as a locksmith, registered as a security contractor in the state of Texas.

*My key won’t open the lock smoothly as it used to. What could be the problem?
Probably the lock needs to be adjusted or fixed. It might be a key duplication error as well, or just about the right time to change your locks entirely. We’ll determine what is the exact issue, once we inspect the lock.

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