Lewisville is a known city based in Denton County, Texas based in the US. It is located in the northwestern suburbs of Dallas. As per the latest census, the city has a population of around 95,290, which makes the city among the fastest growing city population in the US while making it be the 33rd most populous place in Texas. In has an area of around 36.4 square miles that has the area of 6.07 square miles based at the Lewisville Lake. Originally this place was known as Holford Prairie, which has the origin of Lewisville dating back to 1840. The advent of the first railroad found in 1881 engendered its earlier growth along with the expansion of the transportation infrastructure of the area was seen spurring further the development of the early part of the 20th century. Similarly, the city in the year 1925 was seen doing the construction of Lewisville Lake that got completed in the fifties and that followed the expansion of the city.

Now talking about the weather, the city has a warm climate that remains consistent due to the presence of the Lewisville Lake that has now become the recreational hub of the DFW Metroplex. The municipal government of the city has a nonpartisan city council that focuses its cultural and recreational investments over a number of facilities like Toyota of Lewisville Park and the MCL Grand Theatre. The transportation of the area has the infrastructure that has evolved over the I-35 Corridor over the Intestate 35 E. The diversity found in the city’s population along with the industry that has been created to form a stable kind of economic climate makes all the difference. The Lewisville Independent School District is seen offering a majority of the public education program in the area.


Let’s talk about the settlement, in the year 1841; the Republic Of Texas chartered the area called Peters Colony Land Grant Company that was meant to settle down over the North Texas area. In the year 1844, the man called John W King and his wife was seen settling down over the eastern side of the Prairie wherein the city is seen laying over it. The Baptist settlers seen from the Platte Country Missouri was seen settling over the western side which includes James Holford that named over the Holford’s Prairie. Further on the southern side, the Presbyterians were seen establishing the church known as the Flower Mound. In the confusion that was seen having the ownership having the Hedgcoxe War that was seen getting renamed after him.

In the year 1845, the Fox family that was seen owning a number of slaves were seen buried the slave child known Melinda over the family farm that was seen eventually becoming the cemetery of the town for the black residents. It is named as the Fox Hembry Cemetery, which is a plot that is seen still existing in the current context. After it is seen falling over the disrepair, the local businesses like locksmith services and local residents were seen collecting to restore in the year 2011. Though the first President of American was not seen on the ballot in the said area for the 1860 Presidential election, the residents of the Lewisville was seen still giving John C Breckinridge with only 44 to 31 majority of people over the electoral fusion choice. During the phase of reconstruction, the Lewisville was seen becoming the base of Denton Country’s first cottoning. It was constructed in the year 1867, it was seen producing the three bales per day and the 13 Texas Legislature was seen becoming the part and parcel of the Dallas and Wichita Railroad.


Now, let’s talk about the growth of Lewisville. It has been the fastest growing place in the country wherein construction of Garza-Little Elm Dam was seen working out in the year fifties and soon it expanded to the Little Elm Reservoir as well that is today called as the Lewisville Lake. The city then was seen adopting the home rule charter from the council-manager style of the municipal government in the year 1963 that has become the top few rule cities found in the Texas having the population of less than 5000. In the year 1969 and on first September, after 13 days of Woodstock, the city was seen hosting the Texas International Pop Festival that was seen drawing the 150,000 spectators and was seen featuring the performances by the person called Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin and BB King. In the year 2011, the Texas Historical Commission was seen devoting over the historical event marker over the Hebron A-Train over the Lewisville to the commemorate over the event. In the year 1974, the Dallas or Fort Worth International Airport was seen opening up that later brought forth the Vista Ridge Mall that was witnessed in the year 1989 giving the suburban a quick growth.

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