When it comes to the city of Frisco Texas, it is regarded as one of the most affluent towns located in the Denton and Collin counties of Texas. It is the part of the very much known place called Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, which is located around 25 miles to the place called Dallas Love Field and the Dallas or Fort Worth International Airport. As per the latest census reports, the city is having around 116,989 and as on July 1st in 2016, the city, which has been estimated to have a population of around 156,320. The city is there one of the fast-growing cities in the US since 2009 apart from being the fastest growing one in the nation since 2000.

In the nineties, the suburban called the Northern Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has been known for hitting the northern border of the city Plano and even spilled it over Frisco that has together given explosive growth since 2000s. Unlike a number of cities found in the booming northern suburbs of Dallas, the city of Frisco is seen catering the bedroom community for a number of professionals who are seen working in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Since the year 200, the city has got its own designation which is called Tree City USA by the group called the National Arbor Day Foundation.

History of Frisco

Once the city of Dallas area was seen settling down by American pioneers a number of settlers are seen traveled by wagon trains over the old Shawnee Trail. This very trail was also used like the cattle drives north from Austin. This very trail has become the key point to Preston Trail and later to the Preston Road and it is among the oldest north-south roads found in entire Texas. With a number of activities, the Lebanon community was then founded with the trail and it got granted a US post office in 1860. In the year 1902, a line over the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway was seen getting constructed over the area and thus with the periodic watering holes were added to make the rails for the steam engines. Currently, the settlement found in Lebanon was seen over the Preston Ridge and was thus very much seen over the elevation.

This is the reason why the watering hole was seen getting placed over 4 miles over the west seen at the lower ground. Soon a community was seen getting witnessed that made the train stop. The residents of the place called Lebanon were actually moved inside their homes over the new community found on the logs. And the newly built town was actually called Emerson; however, this name got rejected by the US Postal Service, which is very much similar to the other places like Texas. In the year 1904, the residents were seen choosing the Frisco City as its name that came in the honor of St. Louis–San Francisco Railway which gave birth to the town and later reduced to its present name.


The city of Frisco is seen as the part and parcel of the humid subtropical region, which receives 39 inches of rain per year. On average, there are around 230 sunny days found per year in the city. The month of July is seen with a temperature of 96 degrees, while the January month is as low as 33 degrees. The comfort level of the city is more often based on the factor of humidity that is found during the hot months that happens to be 25 out of 100 wherein the higher ones are found more comfortable. As per the United States of Census, the city is seen having the area of 62.4 square miles of which 61.8                  square miles are seen with land and the remaining has the water.

The economy of Frisco Texas

Unlike a number of suburbs found in Dallas, Frisco has been known to give a number of retail properties like Stonebriar Centre, IKEA opened in the year 2005 and a 165-store regional mall. The IKEAcommunity-image-frisco happens to be a huge furniture store based in the area of 28,800 square meters. The retail establishments and food joints or restaurant chains line Preston Road can be called as the key north-south-running traffic arteries in the city. Besides, the city also attracted a number of other businesses as well, which include the locksmith services. The city is known for it’s a different economic track rather than surrounding the cities and seen chosen for using a fractional percent of the local sales tax in order to fund the Frisco Economic Development Corporation or FEDC instead of the DART, which happens to be the regional transportation body. The effectiveness of the group called FEDC has its own basic purpose that is known to reallocate a number of tax dollars seen over the commercial ventures that happen to be the matter of public debate.

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