Are Those Locks Really Necessary?

Talking about securing your home from any danger of theft and breach is highly essential. Most importantly, you need to pay full attention to this matter.

Heightened security establishment can only be managed if you have installed advanced mechanics and systems, like an alarm system, surveillance cameras, deadbolt lock, etc.

Further, Out of all the elements, securing your door is of high necessity, and this is where a bolt lock is your best bet.

What is a Deadbolt Lock?

This type of lock is made with a hardened steel bolt, that extends into the door jamb hole.

In addition, The jamb is reinforced with a metal strike plate, which is secured into the door-frame using long screws.

You should know this – there are mainly three types of deadbolt locks, single cylinder, double cylinder, and key-less cylinder deadbolt.


Is a Deadbolt Lock Necessary?

Some people argue that what is the need for a deadbolt when they have a simple spring lock or a doorknob lock to keep the door secured.

In general, a deadbolt is more important and essential than other traditional locks because it increases the security of the home effectively.

One of the main mechanisms of a burglary around the properties is forced entry. Therefore, if your lock is easy to open or break than it is of advantage to the thieves or burglars.

You want a deadbolt lock which has advanced mechanism than a traditional lock and is fitted right into the door jamb.

In comparison, a traditional lock is smaller, has a simple mechanism, which can be easily opened using breach maneuvers that many thieves employ. They are also easy to break open with force in a little amount of time.

This is where a deadbolt becomes much more secure as they are hard to open or break using force or other methods, thus reducing the chance of forced entry to a great margin.


Benefits of A Deadbolt Lock

1. A deadbolt lock is developed with a unique locking mechanism that provides complete protection against the forceful break.

2. They are not based on the spring lock mechanism, which makes it harder for the thieves or burglars to break open using crowbars and other such methods.

3. The availability of different types of locks, with distinctive internal and external opening procedures, provide more security to the homeowner to control who and when gets the access to their home.


Remember to always make sure that when you move to a new house, install new deadbolt locks at your property, and also ensure that the door-frames are of high quality.

Similar to your deadbolt locks, your door-frame should be sturdy enough to withstand the intruder attack.

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