Some History & Facts About Dallas, Texas 

Dallas is one of the biggest cities in the state of Texas, which is located over the Trinity River that is seen over the rolling prairie of the north central plain state. It is around 225 miles to the Northwest of Houston and is known to short seasons of spring and fall apart from having torrid summer heat in few months. Let’s check the history and facts about the city of Dallas as under:

The Dallas Skyline rise up abruptly from the surrounding prairie, which is among the dominant features of the downtown skyscrapers including the 72 story bank of America Plaza, the 50 story Reunion Tower, Dallas Convention Center and other things. You can find a network of freeways radiating over the central business district that is seen linked to the city with its suburbs.

After World War II the city has witnessed some great changes resulting in a tripling of the population by the seventies. Till the late fifties, the area had a couple of problems with the sporadic water shortages, however, the advent of new reservoirs helped in making things simple for the problems and thus one can find the area serving recreation areas. Around 25 percent of the city’s people here in this place are black while 42 percent belong to Hispanic ancestry and remaining ones belong to people of Native American, Europe, and Asian heritage. Unlike a number of large sizes US based cities; Dallas has witnessed a good amount of affluence and varying stages seen in the urban decline over the latter phase of the 20th century.

Right from its start the city has been known as the marketing center and is still today remains an important place for trade and business, which makes it the core of the economy.  The Dallas Market Center Complex simply covers around 150 acres over the northwest of the city. It has a number of commercial things like Dallas Market Center Complex, Dallas Trade Market, Menswear Mart, Decorative Center District, Home Furnishing Mart, and Informart. One of the leading fashion center of the long-standing, the city is known for producing and wholesaling of apparel and at the same famous for fine retail stores like Neiman Marcus. In fact, the city has been an important center for the cotton trade in the 1870s and by the end of the 19th century; it simply remains the cotton market in the world.

Near this city, the oil fields are located, which has been the location of wealth. And with East Texas oil that is seen embarking in the 1930’s petroleum that is assumed over the basic role of the economy of the city. Around 75 percent of the US city is seen excluding Alaska that is seen over the region and thus more and more oil companies that are based in Dallas found in any other US city.

The emergence of the city is being a manufacturing city in the forties that is modified over the earlier dependence like the agricultural and the mineral resources over the surrounding area. World War II was seen becoming a turning point making it the best place for development. In the 950s the city has emerged out as a hub for an electronic industry that turned out to be a key element over the Dallas economy that is contributed the best by the automobile assembly plants along with the garment factories. In the following decades, a number of other manufacturers were seen having the oil field equipment, electrical equipment, missile parts along with food products.


Being based over the 11th district of Federal Reserve Bank, Dallas is among the leading financial and banking center based at the Southwest area. Around 100 plus banks are located at this place having a maximum number of key investment companies. So far the city is among the popular convention place, which becomes the key distribution points for a number of commercial motion pictures along with key publishing area along with managing commercial motions images along with having all the major publishing and ad sector in the Southwest. The numerous state and the US government departmental centers that are being located in the Dallas area apart from having several scientific & medical organizations like the American Heart Association.

Dallas falls over crossroad point between finding over the fourth largest population centers over the continent New York, Mexico City, and Chicago. It has been the key areas for transportation routes. The advent of the first railroad found in 1872 giving the city a key surge in the country.  Besides, the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport that lies in the midway found in the two different cities that were opened up in the year 1974 making it among the largest airport in the US apart from being the busiest one in the country. In a long list of services, you can even find locksmith services as well.

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