The city of Plano, Texas – History & Facts

Plano, Texas is among the biggest city the county of Collin having a population of around 270,000. It is located around 20 miles at the north of Dallas. The city offers a vibrant community having top nationally recognized schools apart from having the 4,000 acres of parks, dynamic arts scene, safety, entertainment districts, historic downtown, popular retail, diverse cultural offering and many things that make the place among the thriving economy. The place is developed with the help of meticulous amount of planning and development, which makes the presence of a number of top multinational companies and Fortune 500 companies including Capital One, HP, Toyota, Dr. Pepper, JC Penney, and Frito-Lay to name a few. You also get an easy access a number of key highways, DART, light rail, DFW Airport and other three key regional airports that make the city among the top sought a place to work, visit and live in the United States.

How it all started

Before settling in the area, the Black land Prairie is seen covering the horizon to horizon by tall grasses, grazing herds, and wildflowers of bison. In the late 1840s the first settlers that came to the city were seen taking the benefit of the land grants. The city of Plano has remained like a small rural farming community via one of the earliest histories.  The advent of the Houston and Texas Central Railways that came in the year 1872 was seen linked to the city of Dallas and Houston along with the new markets. The subsistence farming was seen transitioning to huge size cotton farms and the cattle ranches.

By the year 1874, the population was seen numbering over 500. The city of Plano was seen the first depot by rail entering over the Collin County by the South. The city was then incorporated in the year 1873, while CJE Kellner was its first official mayor. The fires in the business were seen ruining the original buildings, which were constructed with the advent of the railroad that happens to be the oldest structure in the district making the building survive by 1881 wherein 51 different business places were seen gutted in the complete business district. The determined businessmen of the city wouldn’t be beaten up but it all happened in a short amount of time seen bringing the business back to usual, which happens to be the reconstruction time that all started. The old burned and wooden structures were seen getting replaced with the modern day brick building along with giving prosperity a new look. The buildings and businesses were seen getting flourished in the eighties and everything could be bought and carried out the business in the city of Plano.

Amidst all this century the city of Plano has relied a lot on the surrounding ranches and farms for its livelihood. By the sixties, the growth both over the city at the south and success of a number of high-end companies have started in order to make their impact feel over the local economy along with the city planners that has started making the preparations work for the growth, which they have believed went very much obvious. When the US population was seen starting to make the historic shift in the seventies, the city of Plano was seen getting a welcome to newcomers having the open arms and thus making a result into the city of Plano making it to be among the fastest growing cities not just in Texas but also in the United States as well. As you enter the city, you are more likely to be impressed upon with the meticulous planning and development of the city called Plano and thus gives the right idea about the positive attitude of the local business community. This has therefore attracted a number of professionals and executives to this city.  Today, you can find the city of Plano appearing very much changed over the global landscape in just a small amount of time. However, the spirit and growth of the city can be easily tracked down by the early settlers that came into being by 150 years ago.

Parks and recreation

Though the city of Plano is being named as the flat plains over the area but has also a number of big size trees around a number of parks. One of the oldest trees in the city is the one of the oldest one has the history of 500 years of age that is found in the Bob Woodruff Park close to the Rowlett Creek that remains at the east side of the city. One of the two key places in the city include the Open Space Preserves, Oak Point Park, Nature Preserve and Bob Woodruff Park that are connected by connected by the biking trails making the green space one of the key uninterrupted park spaces, which the Central Park in New York City of 840. Total acreage over the spaces, which manages over the Parks department that is seen having the spaces of 3830.81, while the Plano Master Plan is seen having an average growth tolling to 4,092.63 when it gets complete. Besides, you can even find a lot of small business growing every year like plumbers, electricians, locksmith services and a lot more with many commercial places.

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