The city of Grapevine, Texas – History and facts

Grapevine is a city that is located predominantly in the Tarrant County and is known to have areas that extend over the Dallas and Denton counties. The Highways SH 26, SH 360, SH 121, SH 114, Spur 97, FM 2499 and SH 121 run into this place and the city of Grapevine is also known as the suburb of Dallas. This city can be called as the part of the Dallas Fort Worth Statistical Area and is counted among the key area of the city that limits mostly within the Dallas or the Fort Worth International Airport having the neighboring places like the Coppell, Irving, and Euless. Of late, a number of wineries have embarked in the market of this place that contributes a lot of activities in maintaining its historic downtown corridor. The city is found out to be at the adjacent to Grapevine Lake, and a large size reservoir is seen impounding by the Army Corps of Engineers in the year 1952 that serves as the both as a source of water and recreational area. Part of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is located within Grapevine city limits along with the largest portion of any municipality bordering it. In the year 2007, even the popular portal had rated this place as one of the best places in America to live.




In the year 1843, a man called General Sam Houston along with the fellow Republic of Texas Commissioners had camped at the creek called Tah-Wah-Karro that is also called as the Grape Vine Springs for meeting with the leaders of 10 Indian nations. This meeting has then culminated in the signing of this treaty of “peace, commerce, and friendship that opened up the area for homesteaders. The settlement that is seen emerging out has been named as the Grape Vine owing to its location over the appropriately named Grape Vine Prairie close to Grape Vine Springs and both the names are added like a homage to the wild grapes that grew in the area.

One of the first recorded white settlements had made this place to be a modern city that has occurred in the late 1840s and the early 1850s. General Richard Montgomery Gano had owned property close to the Grape Vine and it had helped to organize the very early settlement against the Comanche that had been raiding the parties before the leading his band of volunteers to combat in the infamous  American Civil War. The growth that had been seen during the 19th century was very much slow but it moved steadily by the year 1890 around 800 residents called Grapevine home that had been supported a lot by a number of amenities like the newspaper, several cotton gins, a public school, a railroad service, and post office.

The settlement had gained early in the 20th century, and in the year 1914, the post office had changed the town’s name to one term called Grapevine. However, on one Easter Sunday that has been seen in the year 1934, Henry Methvin, (associate of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow) had killed two police officers (E.B. Wheeler & H.D. Murphy) near Grapevine. One can find the historical marker remaining at the intersection of Dove Road and State Highway 114. This had therefore played a vital role in establishing Grapevine the best.



The economy of Grapevine is largely based around the domain of tourism of several varieties. Most of the travelers coming and leaving from Dallas and Fort Worth International Airport often end up visiting this place that eventually benefits a lot of the hotels. Among all these facilities, the Great Wolf Lodge and Gaylord Texan stand at the top for being the massive entertainment complexes in this place that offer a number of things like hotel, convention space, and performance space apart from serving the recreational stuff to the tourists and the local population. You can find the Grapevine Mills Mall located in the area that happens to be the regional outlet shopping center for many backed with loads of amenities like the indoor ice rink and movie theaters.

A number of top rated brands found in the fashion domain along with the other retail sectors have their presence within the mall. One can also find the DFW Lakes Hilton complex and Embassy Suites Grapevine that remain adjacent to Grapevine Mills and Bass Pro Shops. Apart from these popular areas, the Main Street in the historic downtown Grapevine remains the center of attraction for a number of people. On the Main Street, one can find Embassy Suites Grapevine City Hall, Visitor’s Bureau, the Grapevine Convention hall, public library, and a recreation center that attracts to loads small businesses like locksmith services. The others in this list include the antique stores, bars & restaurants, theaters, amusement park, and a number of specialty shops. In this fashion, one can find the development of the city that goes the best.

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