Although changing your door lock is self instructive, just referring to changing an old lock with a new one, but re-keying requires a bit of clarification to be understood. In simple word, you can say that, re-keying means change the working key of the lock to a different key, without replacing the lock itself.

In this process, you keep the same lock but the old key will no longer activate it. And it is done by taking the lock separately and replacing some internal part of the lock. In your lock, each series of key pins correspond to a specific key, so at the time of replacing those pins, you also set a new key that will operate your lock. It may be sound complicated but in reality, this is an easy method that will not take more than a few minutes given the right tools.

Why Lock Re-keying Becomes Important At Times?

The door locks in your home and office are an essential element of security. So, there are many people that will suggest you exchange your lock after a certain time when some unexpected circumstances like losing your key or the occurrence of the security breach. Here is some importance of lock re-keying.

  • Provides Enhanced Security

One of the most effective reasons for re-keying your lock is security. Well, you are given keys to a new house, office, or apartment; you have no idea about how many people may have copies of the keys. The previous owner can have kept the spare key. So, by re-keying your lock, you can take total control over who can gain entry into your home. And it allows you to control the distribution of the new keys.

  • Faster Than Replacing Locks

Lock re-keying is much faster than replacing and it also takes the less amount of time to re-key a lock. A professional can re-key your home lock immediately, while you will need to wait for a significant period for replacing the lock.

  • Lets You Keep Your Old Hardware

Re-keying is one of the great options if in your home and office has old designer locks and handles that tie into the home’s wider aesthetic. Because replacing the lock might not be able to find the same design in the markets, so by re-keying your lock you can keep your old designer hardware.

When to Get Locks Re-Keyed?

Nothing is more important than a goof, safe, and secure home. And for this, maintaining the security of your home is of utmost importance for preserving the safety of your loved ones. There is one of the simplest and the most cost-effective security system is to re-key the locks. But before doing this, how can you know for when it’s time to re-key your locks.

  • After Losing Keys

Sometimes, you lost or misplaced your key, and after it happens, one wonder where could they be or whose hands they could have. So, for your safety, it is better to re-key your lock rather than changing it. Re-keying will restore the previous key useless and also provide you with a new locking system with a new key.

  • After a Break-in

After happening burglary in your home, you should take the necessary step for protecting yourself and your family from future invasion by re-keying every lock of your home. Because it will provide a sense of comfort and security and also helps to subside the feeling of violation caused by the first break-in.

  • After Key Stop Working

Over time the key can wear down or accumulate rust that renders it difficult to use or unable to open its designated locks. In this situation, replacing the key is one of the great solutions but if the condition of your key is compromising by the passage of time then it may be possible you lock can also suffer from similar erosion. For ensuring effortless accessibility for those with keys and the security against those without, it is a great idea to re-key your lock after 5-6 years.

How to Get Your Locks Re-Keyed?

You can re-key a lock like a pro and at a portion of the cost. Today, re-keying kits are available for most lock brands so, you need to buy a kit for each brand of lock that you are using in your home. Each re-key kit will able to re-key approximately six locks. If you need to do more you can buy extra pins. Below are some steps to re-key a door lock.

  • Remove the Exterior Doorknob and Take Out of The Cylinder

In the lock, the doorknob is placed with a clip accessed by inserting a wire into a tiny hole. And rekeying key includes a wire tool for this. After removing the exterior doorknob, use a cylinder follower and push it through the assembly for removing the sleeve covering it and remove the cylinder.

  • Remove The Cylinder Retainer Ring

By using a wrench like a ring remover remove the retaining ring from the lock cylinder and put it in a safe place because you will need it later at the time of resembling the lock.

  • Take Out The Cylinder Plug

Inset the key for the current lock into the cylinder and turn it for separating the upper and lower lock pins. And after that push the plug through the cylinder by using the constant pressure for removing the plug.

  • Insert The New Lock Key in The Cylinder

It will push the spring out of the way and also serve as a partial guide for the new lock pins.

  • Insert the New Pins In The Lock

The new pins of the lock should be coded numerically for matching a chart that showing pin goes where inside the lock. For gripping the pins and insert them, you will need small needle-nosed pliers. When the pin is inserted in the lock they should align with the key.

  • Resemble The Lock

After that replace the cylinder plug and retaining ring and also change the cylinder in the doorknob and reattach it to the door. And test the re-keyed lock for making sure it locks and unlocks with the new key.

  • Call a Locksmith

You can also call a professional for re-keying your door lock. A locksmith is an experienced and skilled person that re-keys your lock immediately without taking any damage in your lock. They will also suggest to you what security measure you should take for securing your property.

Due to many reasons, re-keying a lock is much better than replacing it, because it is more cost-effective and also take a little bit of time. So when you need to re key your home door lock, contact a professional locksmith because they do their job efficiently.

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