How to React When Locked out of Home – 5  Steps to Consider

Nothing is more frustrating in life than being locked out of your house especially during the winter season, or at midnight when the environmental conditions are also not suitable. It can occur when you have left your keys inside or if you have lost the keys somewhere or forgotten it, and so.

A locked-out problem can also occur when you lose or misplace your keys in your office or other places. Whatever the reason, when this problem occurs, it is advisable to not panic at once, see what options you have. It is ideal to call a locksmith for taking immediate services to get entry in to your house immediately.

There are also so many locked-out reasons you can’t get enter into your home:

  • You have lost your keys
  • The key turns, but the knob doesn’t
  • Your kid has locked the door when you stepped outside
  • The key broke off in the lock
  • Doorknob won’t turn even it if unlocks

Here I’m going to share some tips for handling lockout situations if this ever happens to you:

  1. Start With Your List of Contacts

You can panic when you find yourself locked out, especially at midnight. If you are in this situation, then you should start with the most straightforward situations that may solve your problem such as:

  • If you have family members or roommate then ask them if they can swing by and help you get entry inside somehow. Remember breaking-open isn’t the method we suggest and shouldn’t be tried at first, or at all.
  • If you have given a spare key to a trusted neighbor or a friend who lives close then they can come in handy in case if you are locked out of your house.


  1. Look For an Opened Window/Door

If you don’t have a spare key then you can look for unlocked windows or doors. However, an open window and door are an open invitation for burglars, but they can also help you in a bad situation. And if your ground floor window is open then it is wide enough for you to climb in and then you can also save yourself from staying the whole night outside from your home. And you won’t need to wait for your friend and family member to come home.

  1. Take Off The Door Knob

If you don’t have any other option then you might be able to take off the doorknob. This is not a preferable solution for some of the individuals, but it can help you in an emergency. You should cautiously remove the doorknob without causing any damage to your main door. You can also ask for a screwdriver from your neighbor.

  1. Try DIY Tools

You can also try DIY tools and techniques for unlocking your main door. If your main door doesn’t have more space then you can try a coat hanger. If you are wondering where to find a hanger, ask your neighbor or check the back seat of your car. You can also use other tools and tricks such as bobby pins and paper clips.

  1. Find a Professional Locksmith

When the above options are not working for you then take expert’s help. You can search online and find a locksmith near your location to get out of a locked out situation. You should call a local, 24/7 emergency locksmith when you have lost your keys because these kinds of problems are easy to solve for a professional locksmith. Make sure to find and call a trusted and registered or licensed locksmith only. A locksmith is able to make a duplicate key, change your main entrance knob, unlock the smart lock, and change the existing lock.

These are some tips that can help you handle the locked-out problem. Whatever the situation, you can find a reliable locksmith for handling the locked out problem and get entry into your home, because they can solve your problem in an efficient manner without causing any damage to your main door lock.

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