Keep Your Home Secure – When There’s No Electric Power, How to?

A power outage at your home can cause so much inconvenience, not only your routine gets affected, but the loss of electricity also makes your home more vulnerable to theft and burglary.

Just think about your home security systems shut down during such a situation. What then?

Remember this: when you are away from home during a power outage situation, protecting your home against any threat becomes all the more imperative.


Have a Backup Plan Ready

To keep your family safe in an emergency situation, you must have a plan ready.

This means stocking all the essentials, like food, water, medical supplies and more.

This way, you won’t need to step out of the house unnecessarily and be right there with your family to face any potential threat.

In addition, make sure that every family member is well aware of what to do in emergency situations.


Keep Different Sources of Light Ready

A dark atmosphere creates tough conditions for all the members and unwittingly invites burglars and thieves.

It also denotes that home security is down, which makes your property more vulnerable to an easy attack by the criminals.

Keep different alternative light sources ready for you, and should be easily accessible to all the family members.

These sources include emergency lights, candles, battery operated lanterns, backup generator, and so on.


Keep your Home Secure – Enhance Physical Security

Whether there is a power outage or not, enhanced physical security is of utmost importance to keep the invaders at bay. Almost half of the burglaries are caused by forceful entry into the premise.

With a heightened and strong physical security at your property, you can alleviate such danger to a great degree.

Get a deadbolt lock on the doors, especially the front one. Also, latch the windows tight; get small screw-type locks installed for the sliding windows.


Home Security System with Backup Batteries

Most of the home security systems shut down in case of a power failure. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to have a security system installed that comes with a backup battery.

Further, The backup support can keep the systems working for about 24-48 hours after the power failure.


Keep your Home Secure – Assess Alarm System Monitoring

Make sure that your alarm system operates on a platform that is not affected by power outage. 

We recommend you on having a cellular or landline monitoring which is more beneficial than a broadband monitoring as power outage will lead to internet outage and you will lose the communication.

In other words, the landline and cellular monitoring systems will continue working in the event of power failure and communicate uninterruptedly with the monitoring center continuously.

Most importantly, apart from following these steps to ensure enhanced security for your home in a power outage situation.

In addition, consult a quality and professional home security provider to make your premise more robust and safe against all the possible dangers.


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