Five Most Dangerous Countries in Burglary Crime

Five Most Dangerous Countries in Burglary Crime by Ranking

Although our safety is in our hands, yet there are places which are regarded as more dangerous than others, in certain criminal activities, based on numerous reasons.

Out of all the crimes, burglary is one such crime that can leave a huge financial and psychological impact, as it causes break-in to the safest place you can consider for yourself, your home.

Here is a fact: If we consider the USA alone, according to a study, nearly 200 burglaries take place every hour around the nation. You need to take care of your security systems and change your home locks occasionally. 



Below is a list of 5 dangerous countries with the highest burglary rates in the world


  1. Netherlands: 1500 per 100k (Approximately)

The menace of burglary in the Netherlands can be assessed by the fact that nearly half of the crimes reported in Dutch are related to burglary and theft.

Home break-ins and pick-pocketing are the most common forms of crimes, along with theft from cars.

  1. Grenada: 1400 per 100k (Approximately)

This Caribbean island has long been on the high scale of crimes, but now the graph is declining year by year. Yet, the burglary rate is still high, landing it on the 2nd spot.

  1. Denmark: 1200 per 100k (Approximately)

This Scandinavian country is considered one of the most peaceful in the world with high standards of life and economic stability.

Still, it has a high rate of burglary, along with pick-pocketing and petty thefts. The burglary rate is down from the last few years, yet it is high enough to give this beautiful nation the 3rd spot.


The last two countries we focused on are…


  1. Sweden: 900 per 100k (Approximately)

Like Denmark, Sweden is also a beautiful, peaceful Scandinavian country. And just like its neighbor, it also ranks high in burglary and theft cases.

  1. Belgium: 850 per 100k (Approximately)

The crime rate in Belgium is medium, but the nation reports a high number of cases involving burglary and theft.


Can it leade to a financial crisis? 


Burglary and theft is a crime that can leave you with huge financial and essential asset loss, and in some cases leads to harm to self also. Having proper knowledge of the burglary causes and methods adopted by criminals is the first step towards avoiding becoming a victim.

In most cases, the reason for home break-ins and burglary was found to be lack of home security system or low-value locks.

Therefore, to ensure a safe habitat for your family and keep your assets safe from criminals, you should have high-quality locks and home security systems installed at your property.

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