10 Excellent Products That You Can Use to Find Your Lost Keys

Misplacing a key is very frustrating, but a key finder is one of the equipment’s that helps you to find your key and come out from this problem. The basic functionality of key finder is to locate misplaced keys or also ensure that keys are never lost. This is also a small device that fits on your key ring easily.

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You can pair this device often with smartphones with the purpose for the purpose of tracking the location of your misplaced key rings. The range for the mid-tier key tracker is 100 feet between devices. And when mid-tier devices are mentioned there are the specs that are being alluded to. Here are some of the best products in the crowded market of key finders and device tracker.

Choose the right key finder device for you

  1. Boldguard

Boldguard basically comes in two types that is round boldgurad and square boldguard that offers the options to select between the two. This device needs to keep in close proximity for function and when it is disconnected you will be informed by the alarm function of boldguard.

  1. TrackR

This key finder also comes in two types that is TrackR Pixel and the TrackR Bravo. The main difference between the two is that TrackR Bravo has a wider diameter and the TrackR Pixel is a bit thicker than the other.

  1. Legacy Plus

This key finder device comes with a range of 164 feet that has the ability for competing with the other products and likely it attracts more clients. It is a little bit expensive than other products and it also provides much protection to you with a long-range and unique alarm with a beep sound that is more audible in an open environment.

Do not lose your keys again!

  1. E-Byta

E-Byta is a less expensive option and comes with two trackers. You can pair this device with a smart device app and their alarm ring when the phone and the key finder lose their connections. And being a less expensive option, this device is the best as a key finder.

  1. Uniclife

Uniclife uses a remote for operating itself, not your smartphone. It also provides a long-term warranty and changing the battery is simple for the user.

  1. Njoii

Among all the key finders, Njoii has longer battery lives. The battery life of this device lasts for about 12 to 18 months that itself attracts the customer for choosing this key finder device. In this device, the battery can also be changed once dead without any issue and is absolutely water-resistant.

  1. Pixie

This key finder device is beneficial for iPhone users because people can buy this product with iPhone cases that fit the tracker. This device has also a pointed arrow feature that gives directions where to go to find your keys. It is one of the best and less time-consuming ways of finding your keys.

Technology is always evolving – search for a key finder device today

  1. Orbit

This device is made up of aluminum and comes with a unique tool that you can use to take the tracker apart. The look of this key finder tracker attracts the purchaser to buy this instead of others.

  1. Cube Key Finder

This key finder has a rubber body that means it is not going to jingle or as loud as metal. This device is perfect because you only want your tracker to make noise when you are looking for your keys.

  1. Pebblebee

With this device, you can see a longer range than with most other key trackers on the market. The range of 200 feet is double the industry standard. It offers a lot of features that are not available with other key tracker devices for keys.

These are some products that you can use to find your keys. If you don’t know about this then taking the help of a professional is an excellent idea because they will help you in finding your keys in any possible ways and also tell you about key finder products that will help you to find your keys.

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