Wide Range Of Commercial Locksmith Service

With increasing business and industrial advancement, it has been becoming so important to keep your commercial buildings secure and safe. As to resolve your problem-we are offering ourselves into your service & we are called-AJ LOCKSMITH & SECURITY.

A locus for the advanced leveled highly specifically engineered and wisely classified range of locks and security services are proffered under a single roof. Now you, no longer, have to rush to and fro in search of a locksmith when stuck in a critical situation or in case you lose your key, in a fix what to do- so nothing is to be done just call AJ locksmiths’ customer care line and within 15 minutes or less than that a service provider will reach up to you. A specimen copy of your keys will be made on the spot and will be handed over to you.

This prompt and swift action is the hall-mark of our company, which is unrivaled and unbeatable in the field of locksmiths. Our team of lock smiths is a group of professionally skilled and trained staff that work day and night to put up with our customers’ needs, idea, desires and notions.

We value that your each brick in your commercial establishment is the outcome of your continuous efforts and hard-work, and we consider it our responsibility to give a long term, advanced and high-class protection, therefore we have a classic and ultra-modern range of Store front locks for your shops which is presented at a very affordable payment structure.

Front lock doors –are designed as a symbol of sophistication as well as security. Our widest range of front lock door system includes from dead bolts to touchscreen as well as Bluetooth enabled. Bluetooth enabled devices are meant with an ingenious and inventive mind that ensures the stability of your privacy, surveillance and salvation.

We feel obliged in assuring the safety of the source of your livelihood- your workplace. We transform ideas into reality. Thus our front door locks have been intermingled with the advancement of technology.

We proudly display you our range of Bluetooth connected door locks that can function with your will by just connecting them to your phones. So your phone is not merely for entertainment purpose it has been transformed into a key to your safety and security. Whenever there happens to be an unwanted and unfriendly invasion your phone will alarm you and your prompt action to this can protect you from some mishap.

The best and recommendable thing about our lock and security system is our swift response practice to your complaints and problems. According to an age old maxim-to err is human and this human sometime being so forgetful , forgets the keys somewhere or locks the door incorrectly or lost the keys. Now what is the solution for such a fix?

Evidently it is AJ locksmiths, whose customer care team is available 24*7 in your service for speedy resolutions to bring you out of such problems. Our expert commercial locksmith service will generate a specimen key to your locks in minimum possible time and bring you out.

We often get complaints reported and informed about hacked security systems which are surely against the privacy policies of commercials buildings so we offer you solutions for this too. Our professional commercial locksmith service team will re-key your door security system with advanced and ultra-modern lock system which is a herculean task to crack its security.

The major focus of our company is to bring the state-of-art products and services with easy accessibility and convenience. And to fulfill our endeavor of quality based services we have tied up with world’s tycoons in this business. Our commitment to our work and passion results in outstanding outcomes.

AJ LOCKSMITH is a renowned name in the field of security-service provider and lock system. We have various services to proffer you and amongst those is the service of commercial lock change.

With rapidly changing time we suggest you to change your old and inefficient commercial lock system. Opt from our stretched range and give your commercial building a new feeling of protection and safety. By changing your commercial door locks you will get a notion of relief and peace of mind as you will be assured of your business’ security.

We have other services to offer you along with above mentioned i.e. vehicle locks, residential locks, re-key commercial locks and emergency locks. Replacement of locks, specimen lock keys and the list goes on increasing. 24*7 customer care support, swift action to complaints and customer reliance are our key features. We give you a key to happiness in form of a key to your lock and security system. You just visit our showroom once or call us we will reach out to you with ultimate suggestions. Don’t forget! AJ LOCKSMITH & SECURITY.


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